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Ten MSME Partners of Indocement's CSR Successfully Obtain HaKI Certificates

Indocement aids micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) located in 12 partner villages of the Citeureup Factory. One of the ongoing programs in the field of MSMEs is facilitating the creation of Intellectual Property Rights (HaKI) for MSME products assisted by Indocement in collaboration with the Bogor Regency Cooperative and MSME Service. 

HaKI is a right to obtain legal protection for intellectual property in accordance with the laws and regulations. HaKI is something important for MSMEs to prevent imitation of products that have been made.
On March 21, 2023, at Harmony Corner, Citeureup Factory, Indocement handed over HaKI licensing certificates for 10 MSMEs that had been given assistance, training, and facilitated so that their product brands were registered and protected by law. The certificate handover was attended by the Head of the Bogor Regency Cooperative and MSME Service, Asep Mulyana Sudrajat, S.H.

The MSMEs that received HaKI certificates are:

  1. Keripik Tempe Tiga Saudara 354 (Gunung Putri Village)
  2. King Keripik Teh Yati (Tajur Village)
  3. Singkong Keju GP (Gunung Putri Village)
  4. Bufati Keripik Pisang Kepok (Nambo Village)
  5. Camilan Zoomed (Puspanegara Subdistrict)
  6. Iffazuna Snack (Hambalang Village)
  7. Dawiyah Snack Kress (Pasirmukti Village)
  8. Denava Cake and Donut (Citeureup Village)
  9. Nurida Bakery (Puspanegara Subdistrict)
  10. JKML Production Logam (Tarikolot Village)

These MSMEs were chosen by Indocement because the products produced have met marketable standards, both in terms of quality, packaging, and adequate production capacity.