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Indocement Participates in West Java Festival 2023

The Indocement Citeureup Factory and Cirebon Factory participated in the West Java Festival 2023 event held on September 2–3, 2023 in Bandung.

At this festival event, Indocement demonstrated its real efforts in supporting environmental preservation in West Java Province through the use of alternative fuels and raw materials in the cement production process and helping the community become greener with the development of natural dye batik programs and the development of MSME food made from local ingredients. 

The Indocement stand was visited by the wife of the Governor of West Java, Atalia Praratya. For their participation, the Indocement Citeureup Factory and Cirebon Factory received certificates of appreciation from the West Java Provincial Environment Agency.

The West Java Festival 2023 is a festival organized by the West Java Provincial Government to support and help accelerate the recovery of West Java’s economic conditions post-COVID-19 pandemic.