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Indocement Wins Two Awards from the Ministry of Industry

Penghargaan INDI 4.0 milik Indocement

Indocement won the 2022 INDI 4.0 and Industrial Technology Pioneers (RINTEK) awards from the Ministry of Industry. These two awards were handed over directly to the Manager of Plant 14 of the Citeureup Factory, Fivian Dheni, and Indocement Industry 4.0 Manager and TSD Electrical Head, Idham Darwis, on 6 December 2022 at the Garuda Building, Office of the Ministry of Industry, Jakarta.

Indocement Citeureup Factory Complex won the 2022 Indonesia Industry 4.0 Readiness Index (INDI 4.0) award for the Aggressive Digitalization category as a token of appreciation from the government for achieving industry transformation 4.0 to increase national industry competitiveness in facing global market competition. In addition, Indocement Citeureup Factory also won the 2022 RINTEK Award. This award given to companies that have succeeded in making technological innovations to increase productivity and efficiency, attended by 28 companies with 40 titles of technological innovations. Indocement received an award for its innovation entitled Dry Fly Ash (DFA) Feeding Facility to Finish Mill for Utilization of Power Plant Waste as an Alternative Material for PCC Cement.

This award is proof that Indocement is a cement factory that is always at the forefront of technology development and digitization. Indocement always committed to providing environmentally friendly products for consumers.