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HBI: Indocement Initiates Synergy Declaration for Sustainable Construction at Point 0 IKN

Indocement is collaborating with the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Institut Teknologi Kalimantan, and Green Product Council Indonesia to commemorate Indonesian Building Day (HBI) on November 11, 2022, from Point 0 of the Indonesia New Capital City.

The HBI 2022 commemoration event was broadcast live via zoom meeting, contained a public discussion with the theme Sending a Message of Sustainability from the New Capital City. Among those who spoke at this session was the President Director of Indocement, Christian Kartawijaya, and the Director General of Construction Development at the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Ir. Yudha Mediawan, M.Dev.Plg., President Director of PT Jasa Marga Balikpapan Samarinda, Jinto Sirait, Project Sales Manager of PT ICI Paint, Irdan Suherman, and CFO of PT SUN Energy, Evy Susanty.

This discussion opened by the COO of Green Product Council Indonesia, Yoyok Setio Hermanto, and the Chancellor of the Kalimantan Institute of Technology, Prof. Ir. Budi Santosa, M.S., Ph.D. In his remarks, the GPCI COO expressed optimism that sustainable construction would be realized if we continue to work hand in hand.

The Director General of Construction Development explained material regarding Minister Decree No. 9 of 2021 concerning sustainable construction. The regulation is expected to become the basis and guide for building collaboration in terms of sustainable construction going forward. 

Meanwhile, Christian Kartawijaya conveyed various opportunities for cooperation with Indocement, including in the supply of environmentally friendly materials. Indocement is committed to producing environmentally friendly cement products with low CO2 emissions because the Company has a target to reduce emissions to 575 kg CO2/t cement equivalent in 2025 and 490 kg CO2/t cement equivalent in 2030.

This discussion session ended with the joint declaration Let's Synergize for Sustainable Construction. The declaration will be the starting point for regular communication and synergy between construction stakeholders for Sustainability in the future.

Previously, on November 10, 2022, a Indocement also held on  Building Indonesia's Future with Sustainable Construction seminar at the Institut Teknologi Kalimantan. 

HBI 2022 activities in three Indocement Factory 

Indocement also carries out various activities simultaneously in the three operational areas of their factory. HBI 2022 activities also involve employees and related stakeholders in each location, namely:

Citeureup Factory

  • Renovation of uninhabitable houses (rutilahu) in Tajur village
  • Renovation of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Hidayatul Islam in Leuwikaret Village
  • Painting of the Al-Bakri Mosque
  • Painting of the Cigadong Spring facility, Bantarjati Village
  • Indocement green product sharing sessions for MT Indocement batches of 2019 and 2022

Cirebon Factory

  • Renovation of rutilahu in Hickey Village
  • Product knowledge training for civil contractors

Tarjun Factory

  • Construction of a market in Tarjun Village
  • Painting of SDN 02 Tarjun
  • Construction of a hawker center and souvenirs in the Gowa Lowo Tourism Area, Tegalrejo Village
  • Development of the Sidomulyo Village Mosque building
  • Construction of an access road for Sei Kupang Village
  • Church renovation at Citung Kiri Hilir Village

For the first time, Indocement specifically held a Journalistic Writing Contest with the theme Let's Use Green Products with a total prize of IDR 25,000,000. This competition intended to invite fellow journalists to participate in spreading the green initiatives that have been carried out by Indocement to the public, following the Company's new purpose Materials to Build Our Future.