Indocement CSR Vision dan Mission

The Vision and Mission are key elements in carrying out the Company's activities, including planning corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. The Company's commitment is contained in the following CSR vision, mission and philosophy:

CSR Vision

Establish a relationship of mutual support between the Company and communities, especially the communities surrounding the Company’s operating units, through intense involvement, thus improving the social welfare of society, in particular the local community, to become independent and to create harmonious and sustainable relationships.

CSR Mission

The Company’s CSR mission is to operate the business activities by maintaining balance of dimension with the implementation of environmentally friendly concept, community welfare, and business sustainability.

CSR Philosophy

The Company views CSR activities as an integral part in achieving business sustainability, and as a community risk mitigation effort; by upholding business accountability to the surrounding communities as well as other stakeholders. The Company’s CSR Principles are implemented in accordance with corporate values, and refer to the Government’s provisions, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the three pillars of sustainable development “Triple Bottom Line”, and uses ISO 26000 as a reference.