Corporate Actions

On 30 November 2023, the Company and PT Dian Abadi Perkasa as a subsidiary of the Company, signed a Deed of Sale and Purchase and Transfer of Shares in PT Semen Grobogan owned by PT Prima Tunas Investama and PT Prima Sakti Investama, for a total of 345,850 shares or equivalent to 99.997% of the issued and paid-up capital in PT Semen Grobogan by the Company and 10 shares or equivalent to 0.003% of the issued and paid-up capital by PT Dian Abadi Perkasa. The purpose of this transaction is to strengthen the Company’s main business line in the cement industry, enhance market penetration, and improve logistic cost efficiency, considering that PT Semen Grobogan has a strategically located factory in Central Java.

PT Semen Grobogan has a cement production capacity of 2.7 million tons per year.With the take over, the Company market penetration will increase particularly in the Central Java region and its vicinity, as well as improve logistic cost efficiency due to the strategic location of the PT Semen Grobogan factory in Central Java.

The Company does not engage in any corporate actions that resulted in changes to its shares, such as stock splits, reverse stock, bonus shares, changes in nominal share value, issuance of convertible securities, or capital additions ornreductions.