Biodiversity Status and Carbon Stock Estimation of 2023

Resmita Kusprasetianty

The mining activities for raw materials in PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. at Citeureup Factory were carried out with the implementation of environmental management program, which one of the programs is post-mining land reclamation through revegetation. Efforts for revegetation have been conducted since 2004 progressively covering area of limestone and clay quarry. Various vegetation species are planted in the post-mining land reclamation area, and there are four revegetation points that monitored regularly, which are three in limestone quarry and one in clay quarry. The revegetation aims to utilize post-mining land for increasing biodiversity and supporting the functions of surrounding ecosystem while preventing erosion resulting from land clearing during mining activities. Additionally, it has the potential to serve as carbon storage and CO2 absorption.

With increasing awareness of the impacts of greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2, mitigation efforts are highly necessary. The trees planted for post-mining land revegetation can absorb emitted CO2 into the atmosphere from the use of fossil fuels and other living organisms' activities, resulting in CO2 emissions reduction. The absorption of CO2 can be estimated through the carbon stock that stored in plants. This research calculates carbon stock estimation using non-destructive methods, which are later used for financial analysis, referring to the carbon value as mentioned in Harmonization of Taxation Law, as much as Rp30.000 per ton of CO2 equivalent, as applied in carbon trading and carbon taxation schemes.

From the research, the location with the highest biodiversity index for tree-level and CO2 absorption potential is in Hambalang Quarry, followed by Quarry D 139C, Quarry D 139B, and the lowest in Tegal Panjang Garden. Extracting emission data from fossil fuel used for mining activities in 2022, which amounted to 12.803 tons of CO2e, balanced with the calculation of CO2 absorption potential which amounted to 16.667,04 tons of CO2e, there was difference of 3.864 tons of CO2e that can be included in the carbon trading scheme. The remaining carbon credits of 3.864 tons of CO2e, if converted into Indonesian Rupiah, means that Indocement Citeuereup Factory has the potential to profit Rp115.923.714 if participating in the carbon trading scheme.

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