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Invitation of 2023 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for the Financial Year 2022 (“Meeting”) of PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. (The "Company") is scheduled on Wednesday, 17 May 2023.

The meeting will be held with physical and electronic presence, using the Electronic General Meeting System facility provided by Central Securities Depository (“eASY.KSEI”) and by limiting attendance in the meeting room, following the provisions stipulated by the Government of the Special Capital Region of Jakarta regarding the handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Meeting can be held physically as referred to in Article 8 paragraph (1) letter b Financial Service Authority Regulation Number 16/POJK.04/2020 (“POJK 16”) or not physically as referred to in Article 9 paragraph (1) POJK 16. Meeting may also be done by limiting the physical presence of Shareholders either partially or completely as referred to in the provisions of Article 9 paragraph (1) POJK 16, with reference to the conditions and situations at or before the holding of the Meeting.

The Company suggests the Shareholders to provide power of attorney electronically (“e-Proxy”) through eASY.KSEI. This e-Proxy facility is available to Shareholders who are entitled to attend the Meeting from the date of Meeting’s Invitation until one day before the Meeting, which is Tuesday, 16 May 2023 at 12:00 PM Western Indonesian Time

Meeting Announcement has been published on Monday, 3 April 2023 and submitted to OJK, Indonesia Stock Exchange (“IDX”), KSEI website, and published on the Company's website. The meeting Announcement can be downloaded here.

Information on the Meeting Invitation has been published on Tuesday, 18 April 2023 and submit to OJK, IDX, KSEI website and publish on the Company's website. The Meeting Invitation can be downloaded here.

AGMS rules and procedures can be downloaded here
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