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Indocement Wins Four 2022 ISDA Awards

Indocement won the 2022 Indonesian Sustainability Development Goals Awards (ISDA), this year Indocement received the following awards:

Platinum Category Use of Alternative Fuels in Cement Production-Citeureup Factory (SDGs 13-Climate Change Mitigation)

Gold Category Utilization of Waste Tire as an Alternative Fuel to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (SDGs 13 Addressing Climate Change)

Gold Category Sustainable Fauna Healthy Environment-Tarjun (SDGs 15 Land Ecosystems)

The Best 2 Local Heroes Reach the Peak of the Dream “Behind the Hidden Attraction of Lowo Cave Mount Batu Tunggal”-Tri Widodo

ISDA is an award held to assess the social performance of a company, this award is organized by the Corporate Forum for CSR Development (CFCD), the Indonesian Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of National Development Planning/BAPPENAS, and the Indonesian Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.