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KPPU Recognizes Indocement's Business Competition Compliance Program

Sidang KPPU terkait program kepatuhan milik Indocement

Indocement became the first national private company in Indonesia whose business competition compliance program was recognized by the Indonesia Competition Commission (ICC) as stated in the Letter of Registration 02/KPPU-PKP/2022 dated 7 December 2022.

Through this stipulation, ICC acknowledges that Indocement's business competition compliance program has provided sufficient guidelines for Company personnel to create and provide internal company regulations and policies in accordance with the Business Competition Law.

The main elements in the compliance program that must be owned by the company are:

  1. Code of ethics
  2. Compliance guidelines
  3. Implementation in the form of outreach, counseling, training and other activities related to the implementation of compliance with the business competition compliance program

This program is important because it is a form of the Company's commitment in implementing good corporate governance. The validity period of the compliance program registration is five years, and the compliance program documents will be reviewed and updated again after five years.