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Indocement President Director Triumphs the Indonesia Most Acclaimed CEO Award 2021

President Director of PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk., Christian Kartawijaya triumphs the Indonesia Most Acclaimed CEO Award 2021 with Outstanding Leadership in Developing Business Products and Service Information (Category: Basic Industry and Chemicals) from Research and Consulting on December 16, 2021 .

This appreciation is given since Christian Kartawijaya is considered to be capable of presenting inspiring leadership with a growth mindset to bring solutions and innovations at Indocement. The basic criteria determined by the Warta Ekonomi research team include the quality of competency, credibility, responsibility, and humanity towards the President Director who has served at least for the last 12 months so that they have enough time to contribute to the company.

As the President Director, Christian Kartawijaya is considered consistent in embracing the Indocement team to continue working together to develop the business in order to have a sustainable impact.
Congratulations to Mr. Christian!