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Indocement Cirebon Wins Platinum and Gold Awards at ENSIA 2023

ENSIA 2023

Indocement Cirebon Plant won one Platinum Award and one Gold Award at the Environmental and Social Innovation Award (ENSIA) 2023, this award was received by Indocement Cirebon Plant representative Erna Lestianingrum on August 10, 2023, in Semarang.

ENSIA is an award organized by PT Sucofindo since 2022, this award gives appreciation to seven topics, namely environmental and social innovation, including energy efficiency, emission reduction, reduction, and utilization of B3 Waste, 3R Non-B3 Solid Waste, water efficiency and reduction of water pollution load, biodiversity protection, and social innovation. At ENSIA 2023, the achievements achieved by Indocement Cirebon Plant were Platinum Award for the category of Reduction and Utilization of B3 Waste and Gold Award for the category of Water Efficiency and Reduction of Water Pollution Load.

Hopefully in the coming years there will be more innovations developed by Indocement as a form of commitment and active role in managing and preserving the environment.