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Improving Efficiency, Indocement Tarjun Factory Switches to PLN Electricity

Indocement Tarjun Factory, Kotabaru, South Kalimantan, on August 10, 2022, inaugurated of the commercial operation of 50,000 kVa electricity supply. The inauguration event attended by PLN's Sumatra and Kalimantan Regional Business Director, Adi Lumakso, PLN Mega Project Director, Wiluyo Kusdwiharto, and also the Director & Secretary Indocement Company, Antonius Marcos, General Manager of Tarjun Factory, Retnawan Widhiantoro, and Indocement management at Tarjun Factory Complex and PLN Kalimantan area. Indocement and PT PLN Main Unit for South Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan signed a power purchase agreement in November 2019.

With the inauguration of this operation, Indocement Tarjun Factory Complex officially became the first High Voltage Consumer of the State Electricity Company (PLN) in Kalimantan. This operation also reduces Indocement's dependence on fossil fuels in its operations. Indocement also hopes this collaboration can be the beginning of a joint step between Indocement and PLN to build and operate solar energy facilities in all of the company's operational areas.

Press release can be download here! (in Bahasa Indonesia)