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On 47th Anniversary, Indocement Affirms Their Green Commitment.

On August 4, 2022, Indocement celebrates its 47th birthday. Forty-seven years is not a young age for a company. Indocement has gone through various phases in Indonesia and continues to grow to become one of the leading cement companies in Indonesia. Indocement is the pioneer of MASTER-TECH in the cement industry that applies the latest cement manufacturing technology. Indocement is one of the first cement companies in Indonesia to start implementing Industry 4.0 which we can produce high-quality, sturdy, and environmentally friendly cement products.

We continue to strive to reduce Scope 1 greenhouse gasses (GKR) emissions. In 2021, the resulting GKR emissions decrease to 606 kg CO2/tonne cement equivalent, down from the previous year, which reached 623 kg CO2/ton cement equivalent.  Indocement also has a target by 2025, Indocement will use 25% alternative fuels besides that, Indocement is collaborating to receive RDF from TPST Nambo, and Indocement also explored collaborating to receive RDF from other Integrated Waste Management Sites.

Indocement continues to strengthen its sustainability commitment by continue to invest and develop environmentally friendly products. That matter also in line with Indocement's New Purpose, Material to Build Our Future. Since 2021, Indocement continued to encourage the use of green cement in Indonesia, one of which is through its Hydraulic cement product, whose production process uses a lower clinker content than OPC to reduce the use of coal and a much lower amount of CO2. This matter is following the market that is increasingly concerned about the environment.

Over the past five years, Indocement has also invested more than IDR 1 trillion in sustainability investments. As a pioneer in the cement industry sector that has implemented the Continuous Industrial Emissions Monitoring Information System (SISPEK), Indocement also routinely evaluates the climate change strategy roadmap to ensure emission reductions are in line with targets.

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