Eco Innovation 1

Indocement Eco Innovation 1


  • Difi Nuary Nugroho 
  • Januar Hadyanto 
  • Pernandes L.S.S 
  • Erick Kanajaya 
  • Kevin Chandra 
  • Edgar Pratama Sadika 
  • Resmita Kusprasetianty


PT. Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk Citeureup Unit Operation is committed to innovate continuously in environmental aspect every year. These innovations were conducted in July 2021 to June 2022 with topic of Natural Resources, such as energy efficiency, conventional emissions reduction, CO2 emissions reduction, hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste reduction and utilization, as well as biodiversity.

PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. Citeureup Unit Operation has been utilizing Spent Bleaching Earth Waste as alternative fuel which has succeeded in replacing the use of fossil fuels equivalent to 36,330 tons of coal and energy efficiency of 760,048 GJ/year. In terms of emissions criteria, the company succeeded in reducing conventional emissions through the conversion of dust collector from Electrostatic Precipitator into High Efficiency Bag Filters that succeeded in reducing dust emissions by 235.3 tonnes as well as reducing CO2 emissions by 1,194 tonnes obtained through Hydraulic Cement Production which more Environmentally Friendly.  Regarding to water criteria, the Company succeeded in reducing water usage by 7,926 m3/year through Optimizing the Glue Mixer in the Paper Bag Division and Reducing the Waste Water Pollutant Load (COD) by 10% or 1000 mg COD through Optimizing the Use of chemicals for the demineralization regeneration process. 

Meanwhile in the hazardous waste criteria, the company succeeded in reducing hazardous waste (used oil) by 19.48 tons by Utilizing the Mobilserv Application and Oil Purification System. In the non-hazardous waste criteria, the company succeeded in utilizing 7,587 tons of Dry Fly Ash (DFA) waste through the Addition of Injection Facilities to the Vertical Raw Mill P.14. Apart from that, on the Biodiversity criteria, the company has created the Teureup Forest by conserving 200 trees equivalent to CO2 absorption of 108 tonnes per hectare.

Book can be downloaded here! (in bahasa Indonesia)


PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk . – Citeureup
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