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Type of Product

Portland Composite Cement (PCC)
PCC is designed for general use of constructions, such as houses, high rise buildings, bridges, concrete road, pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete. It has compatible strenght with Portland Cement Type I

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
OPC, also known as grey cement, consist of five standard types of cement. Indocement produces OPC Type I, II and V. OPC Type I is suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as construction of houses, high-rise building, bridges and roads. OPC Type II and Type V provides additional protection againts sulphates present in water and soils.

Oil Well Cement (OWC)
OWC is a special type of cement used for oil and natural gas drilling, either onshore or offshore. OWC is mixed into a slurry and is then injected between the drilling pipe and the oil well casing where it is able to set and harden thus bonding the pipe to the casing.

White Cement
White cement is used for exterior and interior building decorations. Indocement which is the only white cement producer in Indonesia, has sufficient production capacity to satisfy total domestic white cement demand.

TR30 White Skim Coat
TR30 White Skim Coat is very suitable for skim coating and tile grouting. Composition of TR30 White Skim Coat consists of ”Tiga Roda” White Cement, Lime (Calcium Carbonate) and other special additive materials. Advantages of using TR30 White Skim Coat are smoother skim coating, reducing crack and surface peeled off due to it has plasticity characteristic with high adhesiveness, quick and easy application, economizing because thinner skim coat, as well as can be used on concrete surface by adding white adhesive.

Ready-Mix Concrete (produced by Indocement’s subsidiaries)
Ready-mix concrete is produced by mixing OPC with appropriate additives (sand and gravel) and water and is then delivered to the customer site by cement truck for pouring. As a valued added product, ready-mix concrete carries higher margins than other cement products. A significant majority of Indocement's ready-mix concrete is sold in the greater Jakarta area where industrial construction is prevalent.

Aggregates (produced by Indocement’s subsidiaries)
New developed aggregates (andesit or crushed stone) in Rumpin and Purwakarta, West Java with the reserves of 130 million tons of andesit, through the Company’s subsidiaries will strengthen Indocement position in building materials supply.