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Please be careful of recruitment scam being carried out under Indocement or subsidiaries of Indocement...Valid information about recruitment in Indocement only provide at Indocement official website (www.indocement.co.id)...Indocement shares (INTP.JK) were closed (26/02) at Rp24,050, decrease Rp75 (0.31%)    Monday, 2 March 2015   

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Sales and Marketing

Indocement continues to ensure that the “Tiga Roda” brand awareness remain top of mind among the Indonesia’s consumers. The marketing strategy is set with the objective to strengthen the image of “Tiga Roda” as the premium and a trusted brand.

Programs Implementation

Throughout 2012, Indocement implement various sales and marketing programs aim to strengthen the brand image and provide support for business expansion and increase production capacity. The Company has made advertisements on trucks, buses, and shipping containers transporting Indocement products. Placements in the print and electronic media such as through billboards and commercials aired on television and radio have been intense.

One of the major events is the 2012 Indocement Awards, which is the pride of the Company. The program aimed to the contractors, developers, university students, researchers and public. The theme of 2012 Indocement Awards is  Beyond Innovation.

If the 2008 Indocement Awards was able to secure  600 participants and in 2010 close to 800 participated, the 2012 Indocement Awards successfully reached over 1,100 participants. Indocement Awards 2012 presents five categories: Contractor Awards, Developer Awards, Semen Tiga Roda Writing Competition Awards, Semen Tiga Roda Architectural Design Awards, and Semen Tiga Roda Product Application Awards.

Market Share

Indocement is one of the largest cement producers in Indonesia. In total, the market share of Indocement in 2012 increase to 32.0% from 31.5% in 2011.

The market share in Java reached 41.7%, increase from 40.7% in 2011. Outside Java, Indocement market share increase significantly in Kalimantan from 28.9% to 30.1%. Whilst the market share of RMC leaped significantly, yet the volume is limited as the market is highly competitive due to many players in Java.

The increase in cement market share is attributed to the expansion in the production capacity and streamlined logistics network, supported by the initiatives and activities toward strengthening the “Tiga Roda” brand image.